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Happy Presidents Day! It turns out that they did work today and now that the footer for the Stengel Dive turn is done, all that needs to be added to it is the track and support. A bunch of other minor stuff was done as well.

Behold! The all-mighty and all-knowing Coaster Box!

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Not much has been done since Wednesday, but they were working on some of the fine details today.

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Well folks, the track in the airfield is starting to dwindle down to nothing and most of the layout is starting to get filled in. Today they capped off the last of the tallest sections on Skyrush; the first two airtime hills. As far as track work goes, all that needs to be installed is the footer and track for the turn before the stengel dive, the track near the far turnaround, and the return track in Founder's Circle.

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Things were looking twisty at the Skyrush construction site today. The curved airtime hill was installed, more work was being done to the creekwall and footerwork seems to be starting up yet again. Also, some type of rig has been set up on the track at the base of the first drop.

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The scaffolding has finally come down around the elevator shaft revealing a beautiful clock tower. A lot more track has been added since the last update with the first and second airtime hills next to be capped off. Prepwork for the turn around footer seems to be underway with spraypaint and construction cones marking the spot.

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Skyrush in the Snow!
I headed over to the park today to take some artistic photos of the park in the snow and while I was over, I decided to do another Skyrush update. They backed up Clifford from the lift hill and removed some of the wooden beams it rode on and it looks like they may do something as far as that turnaround going into the Stengel Dive.
Over at the station, a backhoe seems to be moving dirt in the location of the area that's to be the queue area. On the loading platform a piece of the catwalk connecting to the station has been added and a piece of framework has gone up over the track in the transfer...

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In the matter of one day of work, most of the catwalk for the lift has been installed, the roof for the elevator was installed. The station is starting to look great, by the way!

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The first photo or two was taken yesterday and the rest were taken this afternoon. As you will see, catwalks are currently being installed and what you see there was done within a day. Enjoy!

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Hey guys, it's the weekend! Time to relax and enjoy some Skyrush photos! Here's what's new in this update (I'm a firm believer in letting the pictures do the talking! Wink )

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The station roof framework is up!
Today was very spring-like making it the perfect day to go out and check out Skyrush's construction. Another piece of track was added to the first drop, the creek wall expanded towards the dam, the brake run track was installed, and the roof was added to the loading station.

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Yesterday, construction crews topped off Hersheypark's tallest coaster, Skyrush making it a grand total of 200 ft. Keystone Thrills and All-American Thrills was there to cover this impartant milestone in the coaster's construction. Video will be posted soon of this event and you can find more photos over at All American Thrills:

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It rained a lot.
I took a walk by the creek today and got a few pictures. It's worth noting that they had to dig up part of the coffer dam because of the heavy rains last weekend that caused Comet Hollow to flood a bit. They redirected the creek back into where they were before.

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In anticipation of the announcement tomorrow, here are a whole bunch of pictures!
Since the announcement is tomorrow, I figured I'd get some more pictures of the construction and the poles.

First, the poles!



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Work continues at the creek!
So this is a pretty big update, so here it goes!

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I swung by the park... Here are some pictures I got. Poles!

Here are some pictures of pole 65R.

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Rushing the Sky since...next year!
I'm taking the guess that this is the name of the ride, but we'll see in 2 weeks! I got a few more pictures yesterday, so here are a few!

Here's the old Paddleboats area.

Here are some footers on the park-side of the creek.

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Here's a few more pictures I got today. I wanted to post them because they're with a better camera and it gives a little bit better view of a few things.

This is where some work is going on behind the Hospitality Services building in Rhineland. Written on the dirt is a marker for footer 28. I suspect that the footer that was recently poured that's behind the crane is footer 30. I was initially thinking it was higher, but based on the leaked layout, probably...

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Happy First Day of Summer!
I got down to the creek again today, and I have some more pictures. There has been a lot more progress made since last week. A big difference is that the near-side of the creek, which was filled with water (due to the recent storms of last week), is nearly dry. They've brought a lot of dirt in to fill in the creek bed and raise the height of the ground. Its high enough that should there be heavy rains again, I don't think it will fill in nearly as much as it did last week.

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At a fast pace!
The bulk of the work is being done on the opposite side of the creek behind the green building, which I believe is Hospitality Services. Unfortunately I didn't have my good camera with me, otherwise I would have been able to get better pictures of that work. However, a lot has happened since the last update, so here are a few good pictures!

These footer casings aren't being used at the moment.

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I got some more pictures of the project site yesterday (June 6):

A view of the second concrete wall:

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Another trip to the creek!
I have some more pictures from May 20. Took them from my phone, so they're not the best, but it'll have to do.

A view of the creek:

The crane (with perhaps a footer casing in the foreground?):

Another picture of the crane:

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A few pictures
Here are a few pictures from the 2012 work site, and a few points of note:

- A lot of digging has been done and a large number of trees have been completely removed. A number of markers have also disappeared since they've been digging in those areas.

- The pipes and pumps that redirect creek water from Comet to just passed the old dam has been stopped and completely removed, and is being stored in front of the former catering site.

- A dirt barrier is being built on top of the old wall lining the creek on the Park Boulevard side of Spring Creek. I figure that's...

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Picture update!

The picture host site keeps having problems accepting pictures I upload, so I decided to create a Picasa account. Here's the link to the pictures: https://picasaweb.google.com/117677496134504142715/Attraction2012?authkey=Gv1sRgCMa1__X95qnWuwE#

There is also one picture from October 2010 included and is labeled as such. If the link doesn't work, let me know.

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Got another update from the creek
Okay, here are some more pictures presented to you in the wonderful thumbnail and click format!

They are now working on the opposite side of the creek from the last update.

EDIT: Unfortunately some of the pictures didn't upload properly so I'm left with these three good ones.

Here are some markers.

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A dump truck and a digger deep in the creek
I got to the park today and I have a few pictures. They're not the best because I took them from my phone, so I apologize for the poor quality.

I'm posting thumbnails, so all you should have to do is click on an image to see the bigger version.

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Here are a few pictures of the park

This is a picture of Storm Runner.

This is a picture of Kissing Tower's station.

This is a picture of Fahrenheit.

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