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    Hersheypark: Park Marketing


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    Hersheypark: Park Marketing

    Post  Ccron10 on Thu Aug 06, 2009 10:00 pm


    Posted by bkcoaster:
    I thought that it would be useful to create a thread to discuss various marketing strategies or the park, such as the Family Stimulus package, special cupons that can be found in various local restaurants, commercials, etc. Feel free to add any imput or new strategies you see the park taking.

    This thread can also be used for speculation of possible marketing strategies with future attractions, and any ideas or criticisms you may have to the direction the park may be taking in relation to advertising etc. Also, feel free to throw in some of your own ideas how to get people to the park!

    Now for my two cents , the park has always been a prime destination for families, but in the recent years they have really been pushing to make Hershey primarily an out of town, vacation experience. The hotels are constantly being advertised, you can see it on the park's home page (i believe it is the second ad that comes up after you load the main page). I found an interesting video/commercial on youtube they are probably using for out of town marketing, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TpMGALtFHZc , check it out!

    Living locally, there is still a large amount of marketing going on in the area. There are discount cupons in almost every restaurant it seems, and you cannot watch local television between the hours of 5 and 7 and not see the commercial for the SEAquel, "This Summer's biggest Splash!" This year they have also granted mothers free admission on mothers day, and now are doing the same for fathers on Father's day. (Not sure if they have been doing this for a while or if this is new?)

    Feel free to discuss ideas, impact, and new strategies you see here!

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