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    Ccron10 Makes a Quick Stop at Hersheypark without Going Inside.


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    Ccron10 Makes a Quick Stop at Hersheypark without Going Inside.

    Post  Ccron10 on Tue Jul 27, 2010 11:19 pm

    After visiting my college, my mom and me decided to stop at Fuddruckers (eventually since our GPS had the restaurant down near Hershey Highmeadow) scratch Since we were in the area, I brought up the idea of stopping to get another T-Shirt and do some snooping around in Chocolate World.

    For future reference, the cost of parking in the Chocolate World lot is 0 to 3hrs: Free, 3 to 5 hrs: $10, and 10 hrs and up: $30 (don't want to loose that ticket).

    We got to the park around 6:45 so my guess is that either we arrived at the time that many families were starting to leave or it's just like that all the time ( lots of people). We stopped at the store and in Tudor Square, bought a new T-Shirt (a white one with Storm Runner's layout on it) and a new Kissing Tower pin. They now sell Dutch Wonderland pins and they have one for Twister (aka Rodeo).

    We next went over to Chocolate World to pick up some candy and skipped our on the tour ride. The Candy Bar attraction is now open and admission is $14.95 for it. They were also selling T-shirts for it too.

    We left the park, went on Park Blvd. (see my 2012 rumor thread post for more), and stopped at the Hershey Public Library to upgrade my library card and browse. They had pretty many books on Milton Hershey and a few dvds on the town's centennial, but it was not bad. The had a cow statue in the lobby too.

    I headed home after this.
    That's all folks!

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