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    The Golden Ticket Awards 2010


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    The Golden Ticket Awards 2010

    Post  Ccron10 on Sun Sep 12, 2010 1:13 pm

    Instead of posting a thread in just about every forum, here are the results of the Golden Ticket Awards:

    Here are what some parks and rides in Pennsylvania ranked:
    -Sky Rocket: 3rd Best Ride for 2010
    -Knoebels: 2nd Best park
    -Kennywood: 7th best park
    -Idlewild; #1 best childrens park
    -Dutch Wonderland: 4th best childrens park
    -Knoebels: 4th Friendliest Park
    -Knoebels: #1 Best Food
    -Haunted Mansion: 3rd best dark ride
    -Knoebels: 3rd best Halloween event
    -Kennywood: 4th best halloween event
    -Hersheypark: 5th Best Christmas Event
    -Knoebels: #1 Carousel
    -Hersheypark Carrousel: 5th best carousel.
    -Noah's Ark: Best Fun House
    -Phantom's Revenge: 9th Best Steel Coaster
    -Sky Rocket: 17th Best Steel Coaster
    -Steel Force 27th Best Steel Coaster
    -Storm Runner: 39th best steel coaster
    -Phoenix: 3rd Best Wooden Coaster
    -Ravine Flyer II: 6th Best Wooden Coaster
    -Lightning Racer: 10th Best Wooden Coaster
    -Thunderbolt: 14th Best Wooden Coaster
    -Jack Rabbit: 20th Best Wooden Coaster
    -Twister: 32nd Best Wooden Coaster
    -Racer: 35th Best Wooden Coaster

    Here's my personal opinion. This contest is not very reliable and most of the people who vote in these contests favor one park or ride over another. Take notice how Kennywood's coasters are all in the top-50.Also, while Nitro is a great ride, Phantom's Revenge is much better with more airtime.
    Your thoughts?

    P.S. Once the Mitch Hawker's Poll comes out, I'll post it.

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