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    Bass Pro Shops in Harrisburg


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    Bass Pro Shops in Harrisburg

    Post  Ccron10 on Wed Sep 29, 2010 12:16 am

    My girlfriend came up to visit me in college this weekend and we decided to hit the two malls up here (Colonial Park Mall and the Harrisburg Mall ) for the first time. Not to go in great detail about the malls, I'm going to say that the Colonial Park Mall was decent and that the smoothie place in the middle sells some very exotic drinks (ex: Ice Tea with Fruit Jelly which was your flavor of tea with strips of gelatin that look like ramen noodles).
    The Capital City Mall had to be the nicest looking mall and it had a cool place called Bass Pro Shops.

    Bass Pro Shops is pretty much a Tourist Trap/ Hunting and Wilderness superstore and I have to say there's a lot there even if you're not a hunter. When we walked into the place, there were a lot of animal scenes (enough to make a PETA spokesperson to faint. lol) and had a log cabin feel. There was a gift shop section with TONS of different hot sauces and candles and a Nascar section with simulators. The main area has to be where the fish tank and waterfall is. There are some gigantic catfish and other stuff in there and there's a stand nearby that sells roasted nuts and fudge!

    To get upstairs, you can go up the stairs next to the waterfall or take the elevator that has a window looking into the fish tank from what looks like a cavern from the outside. The second floor has an archery game, a shooting gallery with rifles with bad aim, and a hunting game that was kind of fun.

    My girlfriend got a kick out of the wolf display while I thought the Black Bear one was cool. Around this time we pretty much went to explore the rest of the mall and didn't see everything. I do want to go back again and I hope to maybe get some photos to post.

    Anybody else visit this place and want to share their thoughts?
    The Storm Runner

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    Re: Bass Pro Shops in Harrisburg

    Post  The Storm Runner on Wed Sep 29, 2010 10:47 pm

    I live in the area and grew up going to the East Mall (now called the "Harrisburg Mall"). I think the Bass Pro Shop is a wonderful addition. I love all of the animal displays, as well, both inside the store and outside in the mall atrium. Sometimes, they have RV shows and you can tour them. It's much fun. Bass Pro Shop really started all of the renovations to make it look the way it is now. The entire facade has color, and there's a new cinema inside. Great place. The only bad thing about it is how much traffic slows down on 322 right near it. Ugh I drive past it every day to get to Hersheypark.

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