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    What new rides should Dorney get over the next few years?


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    What new rides should Dorney get over the next few years?

    Post  rascalflatts on Sat Feb 05, 2011 12:53 am

    If Dorney got any new thrill rides in the near future, what should they be?

    My wishlist:
    -Gigacoaster (there are only two on American soil, and Cedar Fair owns both, making a possible monopoly, but they cost at least $25 million)
    -Diving Machine (Dorney could compete with Busch Gardens)
    -GCI Wood Coaster with Millennium Flyers (Dorney has only one woodie, and it's a painful one, while most parks have at least two. Dorney could also use more rides with airtime).
    -"Windseeker" ride being installed at many other CF parks.
    -B&M flyer (one like Tatsu or Manta, making Superman's Ultimate Flight at Great Adventure look lame)
    -maXair-style pendulum
    -A Proslide CannonBowl or Rocket bounce for Wildwater Kingdom
    -Strata Accelerator (Competing with Kingdom Ka, but again costly. Intamin also is mostly installing rockets in Europe these days).
    -Intamin ZacSpin (A bit cheap and a brief ride, but it would be the first in the Eastern U.S.)

    I would like to see at least two of these by 2014, but how do you all feel about it?

    What are the height limits set by the city of Allentown? Is DP/WWK in the South Whitehall borough? I believe the tallest structure in the park is the Dominator tower ride, 200 feet. Going off-topic, what is the third column of the tower used for? I noticed it does not have any mechanism inside it, but does it serve any purpose?

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