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    You know you're a Hersheypark fanatic when....

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    You know you're a Hersheypark fanatic when....

    Post  HPCrazy on Wed Feb 09, 2011 12:10 pm

    Saw a similar game on a Disney board that I'm a member of and thought it would be nice to apply the "Hershey" aspect of it. This topic is to share with others on why you like Hersheypark and what makes you a fanatic.

    I find myself a Hersheypark fanatic when I:

    -Visit sites like this to get my share of Hersheypark fix.
    -Draw an entire map of the park and constantly update it when things change.
    -Own a Hersheypark Season Pass
    -Have over half my room (and some of my art room) filled with Hersheypark memorabilia.
    -Read "Hersheypark Sweetness of Success" and "Images of America: Hersheypark" several times from front to back.
    -Start explaining the complete history of the place to people, even if they aren't into parks at all.
    -Visit during every off-season to get my cure for off-season blues.
    -Attend and help plan various site meet-ups to hang out with other Hersheypark fanatics.
    -Download music that they play into my iTunes and onto CD-Roms.
    -Constantly watch videos from previous seasons and try to look for changes that have been made between then and now.
    -Go through all my old brochures and everything stored in my large rubbermaid bin
    -Show people my pics and videos from all my trips, whether they love or hate the place.

    That's my list for now. I'm sure I've missed some other stuff here and there. What makes you a Hersheypark fanatic?

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    Re: You know you're a Hersheypark fanatic when....

    Post  Ccron10 on Wed Feb 09, 2011 1:44 pm

    To be awnest here, I used to be Hersheypark fanboy way back in the day, but once I got to travel to a few new places, it has kind of worn away on me. I mean I do view Hersheypark as my home park and still like it, but I visited other parks that are better. Right now I consider myself a Park Enthusiest in general for all theme parks. Hersheypark doesn't seem to extremely interest me like it did back in the day... Sorry.

    -I pretty much went through two copies of the Sweetness of Success book (had to get a new copy a few years ago). I've only read it cover-to-cover once and that was for a reading contest a couple of years ago.
    -I do have a season pass and have visited the park more times since I got it than I used to visit in one season.
    -My dorm room does have a few things Hershey, but it's more of a mix between a roller coaster calender, a Dorney Park poster and a ride photo or two.
    -I pretty much have a small Hersheypark Collection with a bunch of brochures dating from 2005 to today, but I basically collect any park's brochures. I know I have a few of BGW and BGE as well as CP and Kings Island before it became a Cedar Fair Park.

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    Re: You know you're a Hersheypark fanatic when....

    Post  CoasterEricHP on Wed Feb 09, 2011 5:04 pm

    From 10th - 12th grade my friends and I would drive the 45 minutes and hang out at Hersheypark at least once.. but more like two or three times a week in the summer to hang out and ride a couple of coasters.

    So my list would be:

    -When you are home and can close your eyes and mentally walk around the park and ride the rides
    -Have the walls of your room wallpapered with consecutively placed park maps
    -When you know where to look to see the crock pots full of melted chocolate being blown by a fan in Chocolate World
    -Can use your season pass photos to see how much you've aged over 5-10 years
    -Miss the "Hershey's Chocolate.. Hershey's Chocolate.." song
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    Re: You know you're a Hersheypark fanatic when....

    Post  FlyersFan on Wed Mar 23, 2011 11:02 pm

    Today I drove by the park and noticed they were testing the kissing tower and got excited because springtime in the park is only a few weeks away. I would say that was a sign I am a fanatic.

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    Re: You know you're a Hersheypark fanatic when....

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