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    (RCT3) Ani-Nation Theme Park


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    (RCT3) Ani-Nation Theme Park

    Post  Ccron10 on Fri Mar 11, 2011 6:42 pm

    As someone who has watched Japanese Anime and Manga growing up, I realized that there aren't really any theme parks (real or fictional) that are focused on the subject. You may get one or two that would focus on a ride or attraction such as the one at Fuji-Q-Highland, but other than that, it really hasn't been done much... until now.
    I've only seen several shows, but most of the attractions that I will add will be basically on research.

    Welcome to Ani-Nation Theme Park.

    The park will feature several areas focusing on genres, production companies, and shows. You will enter the park into a Main-Street-type area and head to a central fountain. If you head left, you will encounter a giant lake with a huge dominating ferris wheel looking over it. Towards the bottom of the lake will be the sci-fi area, which will feature many attractions from shows such as Ghost-in-Shell, and many more. Towards the top of the lake will be the Poke-Park area and be themed around the popular show, Pokemon.
    Heading back to the center fountain, if you would continue down the midway from the main gate, you will enter TV-Tokyo Town. This area will host many rides that are themed to shows that are broadcasted from them.
    Here are some preview shots:

    The Intamin Zac-Spin shown was moved from another park that was going to feature a Pokemon-themed area, but faced technical issues just before the park was going to open.

    Heading over to the Sci-Fi area, there will be an Intamin drop tower themed to the Ghost-in-Shell franchise.

    In the TV Tokyo Town area, the Gerstlauer Eurofighter themed to the Negima show is just about finished.

    Much more of the park still needs to be constructed. More soon. Please comment. Wink
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    Re: (RCT3) Ani-Nation Theme Park

    Post  Fanatic on Mon Mar 14, 2011 7:55 pm

    Great concept, looks awesome so far! I like the custom structures you made. I could never get my parks to look that great. Wink Keep up the great work!

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