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    Hersheypark: Opening Day Trip Report


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    Hersheypark: Opening Day Trip Report

    Post  Ccron10 on Sat Apr 16, 2011 8:17 pm

    It's times like this where I'm glad we didn't have the get-together today. On the good side of things, I didn't need to wait to get on anything.
    No coasters, or water rides were open, and a few flat rides were closed such as Mini-Himalaya and Monorail. But there were still a few things open, so it wasn't bad. Let's check out what's new...

    Hersheypark 2011: Let's see what we will see when we visit this summer.

    My first stop was to check out the new trains for Sidewinder. All I can say is that they look better in-person.

    They have a logo on the front of the train. I couldn't get a really good picture of it, but I'll see if I can do better tomorrow. But they do look sexy!

    Also new is the Spring Creek Smokehouse, which was on the site of the former Freeman's BBQ stand. I was hoping to get lunch here, but as you can see it's closed.

    Brand-new building for it as well.

    On Thursday, I noticed that half of Falcon was missing and I was wondering what was going on with it...

    New signs... that's a good sign.

    What they did was just take the top half of the tower, lay it sideways in the ride area and bring over a few lampposts and have several Flying Falcon signs sitting in the queue. My guess is that those new signs are going to replace the Falcon on the top.

    This sign was already installed on the operator's booth. So it looks like the ride is recieving another refurbishment.

    Ate lunch at Gourmet Grill. Got a chicken quesadilla, pasta salad, and my 2011 souvenir cup. Cost, in all, $18 with my pass discount. Not very cheap and I should've just got a sandwich, but the food was very good anyways. Here's Great Bear's entrance.

    Moving on to the Attraction 2012 portion of this update, nothing much has changed. There are a few new markers, but the one pictured here is pretty much the same one last year, but redone.

    This may be new.

    This is old.

    Several new markings have shown up in Comet's queue. There's one in the center of the screen if you look closely and one in the background.

    Wave Swinger recieved a new sign, which looks really good.

    From here, I rode RECC 4 or 5 times in a row and scored 68,500 my first play, 103,000 my second (stopped at a block brake halfway through), and around 50,000 the other times. I then rode Fender Bender once, and then Dry Gulch twice.

    Out in midway, the Ferris Wheel is still MIA, but Music Express and Whip were operating. Other than them and the kiddie rides, the rest of Midway was closed for the most part.

    Another new sign?

    Nothing new over at Tilt-A-Whirl. Maybe that says something?

    Looper has added a second train.

    No pumps, but a bunch of bits for it.

    What's interesting is that you can hardly tell that they have drained part of the creek down further.

    Around 3, I packed it in for the day.

    Today is when that covering comes in handy.

    Everyone was hiding out here. The Tour ride had only a 2 or 3 minute wait, there were only 2 or 3 people in line for the candybar attraction, and the bakery had a massive line for it.

    Here's my ride list:
    RECC x5
    Skyview x1
    DGRR x2
    Whip x1
    Music Express x1
    Fender Bender x1
    Wave Swinger x1
    Howler x1
    Carrousel x1

    For the season passholders here: What you do is show your pass at the tollbooths, then proceed to the lot in front of the Stadium. There is a another tollbooth next to the tram path and all you do is show your pass to the security guard, then park in the lot, which is roped off from the big lot.
    To exit, just follow the exit sign that goes in front of the Stadium's main entrance (between it and the Arena, then make a left and go straight to the traffic light.

    Despite the rain, it was a good idea on what to expect this season.

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    Re: Hersheypark: Opening Day Trip Report

    Post  ChiefRedskin89 on Sat Apr 16, 2011 8:46 pm

    Sounds like a fun trip! It looks so weird because other then the last one there isn't a single person in any of the pictures. I don't know If i really like the new Flying Falcon logo but the Wave Swinger one looks really good. I also liked the look of the classic Texas BBQ other then the new generalized one but hopfully the food is still as good. Seems like they did a lot more small improvements then last year which is good. One question, did you see anything in the new Hersheypark Grill? It wasn't anything major I was just woundering.
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    Re: Hersheypark: Opening Day Trip Report

    Post  EastSideSweeper on Sat Apr 16, 2011 9:21 pm

    I was working today. I got soaked and it was kind of boring for the first day on the job. I saw those Sidewinder trains, which look pretty sick and much more comfortable. I hope your get together goes good tomorrow, today was deadsville in attendance and definatly not a good day to be there (surprised that there were still people there and asking me when the rides would open =P).
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    Re: Hersheypark: Opening Day Trip Report

    Post  HPCrazy on Sat Apr 16, 2011 9:33 pm

    I still think that Friday and Saturday next week are going to be the big crowd drawers. A lot of kids will be on spring break by that time and a lot of people have off either Friday, Monday or both. I'll have a full PTR and a video highlighting tomorrow's events uploaded sometime next week.
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    Re: Hersheypark: Opening Day Trip Report

    Post  Fanatic on Sun Apr 17, 2011 6:00 pm

    Great update! The FF signs caught my eye. Nice to see a little revamping for the ride. Wink

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    Re: Hersheypark: Opening Day Trip Report

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