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    CERN, Mtheory and the Universe.

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    CERN, Mtheory and the Universe.

    Post  intaminfan08 on Sun May 08, 2011 8:13 pm

    As I have never gotten to talk about this on any type of forum I would like to see how many people would enjoy talking about this subject. As pictured on my avatar, CERN is a project funded by the united nations and is described as the most complex,expensive,senseitive science expirement ever built. It is a 13 mile long circular tunnel underneath switzerland that collides lead protons going 99% the speed of lite. WHY? to recreate the conditions of the "big bang" and actually creates miniture black holes in a controlled envirement. All this is being done because of leading physicist around the globe are pointing to "parallel universe theory" which explains that outside our own universe..is literally an infinite amount of other parallel worlds floating in the "bulk". All this may sound rubbish and crazy but this is cutting edge physics. Please anyone care to converse or ask question on the subject I would love to provide links to documentarys by head college physic professors and astro physicists and also answer questions if so possible.
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    Re: CERN, Mtheory and the Universe.

    Post  gb980109 on Wed May 11, 2011 2:09 am

    Yeah it's amazing how parallel universes, and the concept therein, have gone from science fiction and "great for the books" to something legitimate.

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