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    Coney Island and New York City! (6/17)


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    Coney Island and New York City! (6/17)

    Post  Ccron10 on Sat Jun 18, 2011 9:34 pm

    Coney Island: the birthplace of the roller coaster and amusement park for America. Back in it's heyday, it was called home for many legendary parks such as Dreamland, Steeplechase Park, Luna Park, and up until recently, Astroland.
    Yesterday, fellow member HPfangirl4life and me took a trip up to this famous place to ride Coney Island's 6 coasters as well as see the sights in New York City.

    After a 2 1/2 hour bus ride and a 1 hour subway ride, we arrived at Coney Island 1/2 hour before 12pm. First ride of the day was the world-famous Cyclone. The ride was built in 1927 and was told that it would be a very rough coaster. Sure enough, my front row seat ride was pretty wild. The straight sections were VERY bumpy and it was very tough to figure out the airtime spots from the roughness. The turns were extreme where they would just toss you around like a ragdoll (especially the first and second turns). While I want to say that they should just keep it the way it is because of it's historical status, I think it really needs re-tracking to smooth it out and make it more enjoyable. Unfortunately it's now my #1 worst wooden coaster, but not the worst overall (we'll get to that soon!).

    The New Luna Park and Sceam Zone really stick out IMO. While it does have that Cedar Fair effect with the lack of shade, it had a nice theme to it to complement the name's history. The rides were great and given the day we went, there was no lines at all.

    The 2nd credit was the Circus Coaster, which was one of 2 kiddie coasters along the boardwalk (and the best of them). The ride included some good tightly banked turns several airtime points and a good layout.

    The final credit in Luna Park was The Tickler, a pretty good spinning wild mouse. Personally I like this one better than KW's Exterminator. It features a double-up, and several sudden drops as well as the traditional zig-zag sections.

    Once the coasters were done, we rode the Brooklyn Flyer, which was a Star Flyer. It was a decent and thrilling ride and while it didn't look to be more than 100 feet high, it makes me think that the Windseeker rides are possibly 3 times as better given thier height.

    Wild River was a portable log flume, that didn't seem to the best, but wasn't the worst that doesn't get you completely soaked, just a little wet.

    We also rode Electro Spin and Surf's Up with the first being the best. If SU was a tad faster, it would be the best. But the best flat I've ever been on was their Air Race, which was an insane experience that I hope more parks plan on investing in.

    At this point Luna Park was done so we moved down to Scream Zone, which opened this year to try out their two coasters. First up was Soarin' Eagle, a Zamperla Volare from Colorado.

    SOREin' Eagle would have been a more fitting name. This ride was HORRIBLE. The cars were tight because I had my wallet in my pocket and throughout the whole ride I could feel the car making it dig into my leg. But that's not all, it was very jerky and rattling especially in the turns and twists, but the very sudden stop at the end of the ride was the absolute worst. We both hated it and Leah may have recieved bruising from it. THIS is the worst coaster that I have even been on so far and rarely say this, but I do not want to ride it again.

    Steeplechase was MUCH better than Sorein' Eagle. It featured a pretty good launch, nice layout and a good experience. I would say that this was the best coaster of the trip IMO.

    Since we were getting hungry, we ate at Nathan's, which was cheaper than what I thought it would be. I had a cheese dog ($3.60), fries (around $2.50?) and a bottled water ($1.99 very good deal). It was VERY good and I think I might go to the ones around my area more often.

    We had one more park to go and Deno's Wonder Wheel Park was it. It had to be the most ghetto park I have ever been to outside of a carnival and I think without the Wonder Wheel, it would be nothing. Our first ride was the Wonder Wheel in the swinging cars. Throughout the whole ride I kept picturing the beginning and ending scenes from the Cloverfield movie in my head. lol

    Next ride was the Thunderbolt (Flying Bobs), which was the best flat in the park. It was not rough or jerky, but enjoyable. The bumper cars were extremely ghetto and looked like they could be set up in a carnival some place.

    The final credit was the Sea Serpant kiddie coaster that was pretty smooth (and had an on-ride photo!). The lift hill was very steep, and didn't have many airtime spots on it, but was still intense for it's size. Our final ride after this was the park's Tilt-A-Whirl, which spun a lot, but needed some oiling and greecing since it made a lot of noise.

    After this we walked the boardwalk for a good 1/2 hour, then went back to the subway for the trip to Rockefeller Center. On the way out I saw a privately owned bumper car ride that featured lasers, lights and music that looked epic! Unfortunately i didn't snap a picture of it.

    Coming soon is the NYC section of the trip report which includes Rockefeller Center, Central Park with a small flooded amusement park, Times Square, and more. Smile

    Yay, we're here!

    It's cool to see it finally in-person. I just wish it was better.

    It's turns like these that made the ride brutal.

    I think they can remove the Astroland sign. tongue


    Ow. If this was smoother than the Psyclone that used to be at SFMM, I can't imagine how bad it must have been...

    It wasn't as great as Ocean City Maryland's boardwalk, but IDK if it would be better than Wildwood's. There wasn't many stands along side it.

    The very good Tickler and Brooklyn Flyer.

    Wild River was okay.

    My #1 Flat Ride ever.

    More photos of Cyclone.

    Yep. A lot of fun.

    These riders seem to be loving it. Smile

    Gee... Where have I seen this before.... Rolling Eyes

    Into Scream Zone.... *gulp*

    Here's where you load into you own torture device.

    Unnormally-shaped turns, a few random zig-zags and one or two twists... yep, this is going to hurt.

    Luckly Steeplechase was right after it. Very Happy

    Add-in the Storm Runner speech... Smile

    Another artsy photo.

    In the end, a really good coaster.

    I never want to ride this again.

    Just incase you forgot the park name.

    Here's a view from the distance of the 3 parks.

    Would be cool if they got this working again.

    Now you know. Smile

    The beach was nowhere like this today.

    Where's that Cloverfield monster when you need him? lol

    The swinging cars added a nice thrill for a ferris wheel.

    Luna Park from the air.

    Other than the Wonder Wheel, the rest of the park looked like a carnival.

    There was nobody at the beach.

    ...then again, it may be because of that horizontal vortex swirling through the sky (looked kind of cool).

    Well, it was very nice visiting Coney Island and I would go back again. I can tell you that it does have it's own charm, and while some parts don't look great, in the end much of it is nice.

    More soon. Cool
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    Re: Coney Island and New York City! (6/17)

    Post  gb980109 on Sat Jun 18, 2011 10:56 pm

    Great post! I really want to get up to Coney Island. I was there a couple of years ago when everything was shut down, but I did eat at Nathan's and it was delicious as expected.

    I'm sure that a few years down the road Coney Island will look even better than it does now. They went through a pretty severe drought and most everything shut down. And sadly, Astroland with it. But, with the Brooklyn minor league baseball team down there now for the last bunch of years, it's nice to see everything's starting to come back.

    Hopefully I'll be back there soon!
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    Re: Coney Island and New York City! (6/17)

    Post  Fanatic on Mon Jun 20, 2011 7:54 pm

    Great trip report! Looks like it was a great day! I haven't stopped in the park yet this year, but I normally go about 3 times a month during the summer. Thanks for the heads up on the coasters, especially the Soarin' Eagle. I've been on one similar to it, and it wasn't the most pleasant ride either. Steeplechase will definitely be a unique credit for me.
    The Zamperla flat you mentioned (Air Race) is definitely a thrill. One of my personal favorites as well. The Boardwalk and beach filled up on Saturday. A lot of the schools across the city are already out, especially for the young ones. Trust me, it's a lot better there when the beach crowds are thin. Wink
    The old Parachute Jump looks awesome at night, much better than the blank look it has during the day.
    I'll be looking forward to the photos you took from the city!

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    Hydra: The Revenge Level

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    Re: Coney Island and New York City! (6/17)

    Post  coasteral on Wed Jun 22, 2011 11:58 am

    You are so lucky!!!!! I wish I could visit coney Island. Very Happy Looks like you had a Great time up there!!!

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    Re: Coney Island and New York City! (6/17)

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