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    Dorney park Trip Report 6-29-11


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    Dorney park Trip Report 6-29-11

    Post  Ccron10 on Fri Jul 01, 2011 11:44 am

    Dorney Park in the past has always given mixed reviews for me with people line-jumping, poor service and employees. However, this visit didn't really have any of this and the only complaint I have is that I now have tons of sunburn, but that's my fault.

    Crowds were very low today with the longest wait being 10 minutes. I got there around 11am, managed to get on all the coasters except for Possessed (broke down) as well as Thunder Creek Mountain and Demon Drop in under an hour.

    A short note on Thunder Creek Mountain; this was the wettest log flume I've ever been on. With a few rapids, a waterfall and the main drop, I doubt you'd walk off dry.

    Here's my ride list for the day:
    Talon: x3
    Hydra: x3
    Thunderhawk: x3
    Steel Force: x3
    Riptide Run: x3
    Aquablast: x1
    Patriot's Plunge: x3
    Wildwater River: x2
    Lightning Falls: x2
    Runaway River: x2
    Wildwater Cove: x1
    Thunder Canyon: x1
    Thunder Creek Mountain: x1
    Demon Drop: x1
    Zypher: x1
    Whip: x1
    Dominator: x2
    Woodstock Express; x1

    I also want to note that Good Time Gifts was selling quite a few items for only $1.
    On to the photos:

    I'm back at Dorney Park. I've had some mixed opinions about this place in the past, but I have to say that this is my best visit so far.

    Hydra gave some good rides in the back seat with some airtime over the hills after the cobra roll.

    Still not as good as Bizarro at SFGadv, but still enjoyable nonetheless.

    Wait was pretty much no more than 1 or two trains for the front and back.

    The cobra roll was rattlely (a bit more than Fahrenheit's).

    After going though the area, I have to say it's hard to decide if I liked the look of Camp Snoopy or Planet Snoopy better. More photos of it later.

    There used to be some trees along this path, but it looks like in the true Cedar Fair fashion they removed them. But this new monorail looked cool.

    *sigh* Demon Drop. The only smooth and good part is the freefall. Other than that, it's a piece of crap that still bangs you around.

    There's where you feel like you're in a metal garbage can.

    Steel Force and Thunderhawk from the Zypher train, which gave a good view of construction, but because of that, it doesn't open until later in the day.

    Maybe Monster might open a little later today...

    Time to check out Dorney's Project 2012.

    As you can see, much slower progress than Hershey's.

    Lots of dirt, the midway is still intact and Asylum haunt building is still standing.

    Stakes. From what it looks like, Invertago's (or Stinger's) track may run parallel to the railroad track. I hope they add another ride or attraction to complement it.

    It looks like this will be where the lift spikes are going to be built.

    The midway looks to be in one piece.

    This area behind the haunt building is peaceful.

    I forgot how great the old Whips could be. Very fun and still very old-school.

    Dorney has done a great job taking care of theirs.

    The cars look great.

    I remember riding this 5 years ago for the first time, getting off of it and saying that it's the roughest coaster I've ever been on. It was still rough last year and I hated it. This year however, Thunderhawk was GREAT! They did a wonderful job re-tracking the ride making it smoother than HP's Comet (suprisingly). It offered some great airtime up until the trim brake at the end.

    As for Steel Force, still a great ride with a lot of floater airtime, especially in the front.

    If they only painted Thunderhawk, then I'd give them an A for the ride, but they'll just have to settle for a B for now.

    You can kind of see the unpainted track on where they refurbished it.

    Steel Force's new paintjob makes it look like 1997 all over again.

    While Dorney doesn't have the biggest coaster collection, they do have some good quality coasters.

    The goose boat ride was operating today. That track used to be for a boat ride the park had many years ago.

    Everytime before I would throw him a food pellet he would stick out his tounge. Very hilarious to see.

    More of Dorney's Project 2012.

    The midway is still in one piece.

    They just basically took out the rides and signage and kept the paths, railings, some buildings and the lampposts in place.

    Like I said, it would be nice if they also got a new ride to complement Invertago.

    I think I judged to quickly on Possessed last year. After riding the front seat, it was pretty good.

    It's not the best Intamin I've been on, but still a fun ride.

    The holding part was great in the front seat.

    Ah Dominator. I realized the drop towers still scare the crap out of me. As for me, I think the Green side (the drop side) gave more airtime than the red side (the launching side).

    Talon gave some great rides later in the day and is much better than Great Bear with having some airtime at the end.

    Planet Snoopy was good, very colorful, and a big kids area.

    If I was a kid, I think i would've loved this area.

    I wonder if kids these days know who Snoopy or the Peanuts characters are? You hardly see them on television anymore or hear of them much outside the Cedar Fair parks.

    This ride was suprisingly fast and intimidating for being a kiddie coaster.It through you around quite a bit and it was my 49th coaster that I have ridden.

    Got the last ride of the night on Steel Force and it ran great.

    Time for the traditional, "walk out to your car at park closing and look at all the trash in the parking lot from people who are too lazy to walk 5 feet to a trash can".

    Trash, for as far as the eye can see...

    I guess there are problems that you just can't fix with having so many trash cans. That's it for my Dorney trip report. I plan on going to Great Adventure in a week and a half to tackle my 50th coaster: Green Lantern.
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    Re: Dorney park Trip Report 6-29-11

    Post  HPCrazy on Fri Jul 01, 2011 12:07 pm

    I thought you already rode Thunder Creek Mountain. I agree about it being a good flume ride. I think I still like the Arrow Hydroflumes better though.

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