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    Ccron10 Goes to Knoebels (8/16/11)


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    Ccron10 Goes to Knoebels (8/16/11)

    Post  Ccron10 on Tue Jan 03, 2012 8:05 pm

    Let's get down to business:

    You must be thinking, "Chris, why is a Knoebels Trip Report starting off with a photo od Chocolate World?"

    This is why. Those Frozen Cocoa drinks are awesome! It's similar to the Dunkin' Donuts Frozen Hot Chocolate, but much better!

    With the awesomeness of Frozen Cocoa, we are now at Knoebels. As you can see, it was kind of full.

    Time for the annual Taking Photos of a Closed Flying Turns portion of the update. Looks like some progress has been made since last year.

    The soon-to-be entrance.

    The soon-to-be exit ramp.

    The board has a ton of signatures on it. I wonder where it will go?

    The ending for the Flying Turns.

    Back in the day, this used to be a free-swinging trough like most of the ride.

    The third and final lift hill.

    The transfer track has had to be reconfigured many times over the year.

    Third Generation test train, I believe.

    Transfer track controls.

    The footers to the left are left over from when they had to reconfigure most of the ride after going off the original plans.

    Word has it that 2012 might be the year that Flying Turns might open. But after five to six years of construction, I'll believe it when I see it.

    I believe that should be enough tickets for the day. Let's eat before we ride.

    Best park food ever! I kind of used to disagree with that statement, but considering that the park sells a tremendous variety that tastes great and isn't expensive, I believe it. What you're looking at is a Texas Berger from the Phoenix Junction.

    Speaking of the Phoenix, you can't go to Knoebels without riding it!

    So simple, yet such a great coaster!

    It ranks a #2 on my Top 10 list.

    The airtime before this curve is so awesome.


    Can't buy tickets off of this one!

    The old transfer track for Flying Turns.

    Extra roofing.

    The second-generation test train.

    Extra lift chain and brackets.

    Not a bad lift hill.

    Remember these? It's the first-generation test train.

    A closer look at the track.

    As for the Twister, still a rough ride for 2011.

    Especially in the double-helix.

    If it recieved a re-tracking, it would help.

    Maybe even Millenium Flyers, perhaps?

    Here are some photos of a then-under construction Black Diamond.

    The station turned out great and kind of resembles Golden Nugget's when it was at Morey's Piers.

    Looks like they were working.

    Then not long after that, they started testing it inside.

    The trains were there.

    The exit ramp.

    Can't wait to ride it again in 2012.

    The flames make it look like it's going faster.

    Their Whip looks like nothing has been changed since it opened in the 1920s or 30s.


    The native swans that live near the Crystal Pool.

    It may look like it was packed, but the lines were actually pretty fast-moving.

    The bumper cars that all others get judged against...

    If they're Lusse, then you know that you're driving the hot rod of bumper cars!

    The world needs more Lusse bumper cars. Razz

    I love the tranquil setting of Knoebels.

    Time to get dirty with coal. Razz

    While many might consider this park to have no theme, pretty much the location and environment makes it have that Pennsylvania Coal region theme.

    I really like walking through the Americana section of the park for that reason.

    Flying Trapeze control panel.

    Not as wet as Dorney's, but still great.

    The supports are made out of wood.

    Who says that taller is better?

    Awesome t-shirts too.

    The Phoenix "sweet-spot".

    Thanks for reading!

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