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    Post  Ccron10 on Thu Mar 01, 2012 2:50 pm

    Hey guys,
    In the coming weeks my schedule is going to start becoming busy and with juggling things around such as work and trying to not let Keystone Thrills affect my collegework negatively. On these grounds, Keystone Thrills is unfortunately going to have to downsize so that it is more manageable for myself. To do so, the forums will be closed.
    I know some of you guys have a few questions about this and i'll try my best to explain them:

    Q: So does this mean that it's the end for Keystone Thrills?
    A: Not at all. Over the last three years, Keystone Thrills has built up a good reputation in the coaster enthusiast community and has established itself as a brand and to throw it away completely would be foolish.

    Q: If the forums are to be closed, how will KT function?
    A: Once the forums close at midnight (Mar. 2 at 12am) tonight, KT will focus on posting updates and discussions on the blog ( www.keystonethrills.com ) and the KT Facebook group
    ( https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/keystonethrills/ ).

    Q: Will the Skyrush Construction Updates Continue?
    A: ABSOLUTELY! While they may be hard to do once we get deeper into the coaster season, they will still continue all the way to it's opening day! All of these updates will be posted to the blog.

    Q: What are KT's plans for after Skyrush Opens?
    A: After opening day, KT will start shifting it's focus to provide park updates about Hersheypark, Knoebels, and other parks in the area. We will also take a look at their past and old photo's, brochures and other memorabilia will be posted to achieve this. In addition, since Keystone Thrills has it's Headquarters in the Sweetest Place on Earth, we will also take a look around town and discover those cool best kept secrets that many people don't even know exist in the area.

    Q: What will happen to the forums after midnight tonight?
    A: The topics and threads on the forums will be lcoked, which means that you will be still able to view the threads, but members will have no ability to post in them. All the content will be preserved and will not get deleted. I can tell you that one of my biggest pet-peves is that when a forum or site closes, most of the content gets deleted and lost. I find this annoying and this is the biggest reasons why the KT forums won't be deleted. Some of the content may be brought over to the Facebook page or blog to keep it noticible.

    Thanks and I hope to see you on the Facebook group!
    Keystone Thrills Admin.
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    Post  Fanatic on Thu Mar 01, 2012 10:53 pm

    I'm sorry I don't have much time and this will be short, but I am mostly sorry to hear this news.
    As disappointing as this is, I understand and respect your decision.
    The forums have had a fantastic run, and I hope to see great material in the blog and pages, as well as the same interest and enthusiam from everyone that was so prevalent here.

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