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    Pennsylvania Renissance Faire


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    Pennsylvania Renissance Faire

    Post  Ccron10 on Fri Oct 16, 2009 10:46 pm

    Yesterday I had the oppertunity to travel to the Pa Ren. Faire with my senior class for the first time. I have never been to one of these and was expecting it to be in a field with just tents set up and dressed-up people doing crafts. Luckly I was proven wrong.
    As we all know, yesterday was very rainy, cold, and windy and from advice beforehand, the place didn't have a lot of shade so I really had to prepare. When we got there, we went in, watched the opening show and then watched the hypnotist. Until this point, it was only cold, but once the show was over, it was just steadly raining (lucky I brought an umbrella!). For the last week I have been fighting over a cold so chances are I was probably going to make it worse of catch something different (which lucky so far is not the case).
    The whole faire was more than what I expected and was decently themed. The buildings actually looked like medieval castle walls, shops, and had an english touch to them (kind of a cross between Rhineland and Tudor Square at Hershey). They did have a ride there (believe it or not!), but it was really ghetto and human powered. For $2 you sit in a a few seats surrounded by a pole and these pirates push these seats around in a circle (kind of like those playground carousels) and the seats rise higher until they let you go and you spin fast around this pole. They also had a small medieval arcade (basically a homemade skeeball machine, archery, sword throwing and a crossbow shooting).
    At this point I was thinking this:
    Later I got something to eat, but there was no place dry to sit! Lucky we all left around 1PM and got home early.

    To sum it all up, this place is okay if you're into this kind of thing. I'd come back again if:
    The provided more covered places to seek shelter from rain.
    The admission wasn't $30 per person
    The sun would be out and at lest 60 degrees.

    Anyone else been here before?
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    Coaster Master Level

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    Re: Pennsylvania Renissance Faire

    Post  HPCrazy on Fri Oct 16, 2009 10:52 pm

    I was there once about ten years ago. I wasn't overly impressed with the place. Some friends took me. I wasn't (and still am not) a fan of medival stuff. I thought the place seemed very boring and run down. That's just my two-cents on the place but I do know there are people who love it.

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